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b. Bozeman, Montana





2023               MFA, University College London, Slade School of Art, London, UK

2016                BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL




2023               Slide a Glance, ASC Gallery, London, UK 

2021                Prelude to Light, Bird and Tale, Chicago, IL

2019                A Word from the Heap, Residencia Veinte Veinte, CDMX (solo exhibition)

2019                El Castillo de los Ladrillos Rotos, Guadalajara 90210, CDMX

2019                Appearances to the Contrary, Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago, IL

2019                On the Tip of the Tongue, Galeria Karen Huber, CDMX

2018                Like One Speaks to the Stone, Stuart & Co. Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016                At a Place Where the Trees Were Still All Green, Stuart & Co. Gallery, Chicago, IL (solo exhibition)

2016                In the Company of Flowers, Kruger Gallery Chicago, Chicago, IL 

2016                Passage, Stuart & Co. Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016                BFA Show 2016, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL




2020               Featured Artist, Art Maze Magazine, Summer Edition (#18)

2019                Featured Artist, New American Paintings, Midwest Issue (#143)




2019                Residencia Veinte Veinte, CDMX

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